Ricky was born in 1992 and grew up in Northampton. He was first attracted to photography at the age of 16, where he studied the subject at secondary school and has been studying the subject ever since. White moved to London for three years whilst studying his bachelors and continued to develop his love for large format photography. After graduating in 2015, he moved back to Northampton and began his career as a product photographer. After three years in the product photography industry he decided to return to The University of Westminster to study for his MA and continue the practice of his art based photography. 

In 2018 Ricky started the project Toska which has become a long term autobiographical series which consumes the entirety of his reading, writing and practice.  White channels his creative emotional ideas through symbolic studio based self portraits which build narratives about his emotional experiences. 


Master of Art - Photography Arts - The University of Westminster


Bachelor of Art - Photographic Arts - The University of Westminster


Foundation Degree- Art & Deisgn - The University of Northampton


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